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Testing Accomodations

Is there a way to update a student's profile in Canvas for testing accommodations, specifically time extensions on assessments.  I know that each assessment can be altered, but if 10 assessments are given in a semester and 6 students need accommodations, the extra work for each assessment in each class the student is in is mind-boggling.  I'm an admin at a higher education institution, and would appreciate Accessibility to create this needed profile.

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@SalayneEscalant Others may know of some fancy code to set this up from a user level but it is not a native part of Canvas.  I will say though, once your institution switches to New Quizzes, the accommodation setting becomes much easier as you are able to set it once in the course (yes, it is still per course) and it will apply to all assessments.  You can still do it per assessment using the "moderation" area but if you click the little pencil under "Accommodation" then you will see that those apply to all assessments.

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