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Timed module publishing?

Is there any way to set a module to be published at a specified time, instead of having to do it manually? I like to have the relevant modules published immediately after each class session, and it would be good to be able to set it up in advance when I create the module so that it will publish automatically and immediately, instead of having to remember to do it after each class (which will inevitably involve some delay, as well).

I know that somebody is going to say, I can publish my modules in advance and set them to unlock at a specified time. Please don't suggest that; it is not what I am asking about. Unless I'm very much mistaken, if a module is published and locked, students can see the title of the module and all the files inside it; they just can't open them. (If I am mistaken, so much the better, please let me know!) I would like for anything students can't open to not show up on their display, and become visible to students when it becomes available to them, and I would like to be able to set content to become visible and available at a set time instead of having to do it manually.

Is that possible in Canvas? And if this extremely basic and fundamental function is not available in Canvas, how do I submit a feature request to try to get it added to Canvas ASAP?

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Community Coach

Hello there, @AaronDinkin …

I did a bit of searching here in the Community to see if I could find any similar topics for you.  Much of what you’ve already summarized in your question is detailed in this posting: Solved: How to automate date/time that modules are publish... - Instructure Community.  Within the topic that I linked, you’ll find a link to an older Feature Idea that’s already been started.  So, you may not need to create a brand new Feature Idea if you feel that one aligns with what you’d like to see implemented in Canvas.  Rather, you could add your comments to the bottom of that Feature Idea letting Instructure know why something like this would be important to you within Canvas.  You can also give that Feature Idea a star rating.

If that particular idea doesn’t quite match what you’d like to see implemented in Canvas, then you could create a new Feature Idea.  Here are some Guides to get you started:

I know this might not be the exact answer you were hoping for, but I hope it does help in some way to answer your question, Aaron.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this…thanks.

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Thanks for your help, @chofer! I've commented on the Feature Idea you've suggested.

I've also removed the "solution" designation from your comment, since it's not a solution to how to implement the function I need; I don't want future users looking for advice on the same question to see a thread labeled "solved" and get their hopes up only to find that the answer is no, it still can't be done.