Total column gives 0and F grades

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My grade book currently gives all of my students an F!

I want to change their Total to points. Butthe Total Column only gives me the option of high to low or low to high. Have you changed your menus?

Thank you

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Hello @youensr ,

I understand that your gradebook is giving out F grades by default, and you would like to know why. 

We see this happen when content course - which utilizes past due dates and availability dates - is imported into a course that has a missing submission policy enabled. Those past due dates and availability dates trigger the missing submission policy, which gives out an F grade by default.

How do I apply a Missing Submission policy in the Gradebook? 

In addition, you wanted to know if it is possible to change the way that grades are displayed in the Totals column of the gradebook. Total grades can be displayed as either percentages or points, so long as you do not use weighted assignment groups in your course. If you use weighted assignment groups in your course, the total grade can only be displayed as a percentage. 

This is documented in How do I use the Total column in the Gradebook? 

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