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Trouble viewing large (250mb) video file in SpeedGrader

I can't view a large (250 MB) video file in SpeedGrader. The video does not display. Instead, I see a link to download (see below). I assume the video uploaded properly because it downloads and plays without issue. The video is under the file size limit of 500 MB that is specified in the guide How do I submit a media file as an assignment submission?

The instructor guide How do I grade Canvas Studio media submissions in SpeedGrader as an instructor? doesn't say anything about needing to download for certain file sizes.

Any thoughts? I'm developing an assignment where students need to record and share a role-playing scenario. Since they have choices about which videoconferencing tool they will use and some of these tools manage recording sizes better than others, I want to make sure that a larger file submission would still work. I'd like to avoid having to go into directions for reducing video file sizes if possible.



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