Trouble with course created outcomes not appearing for linking to individual items in Item Banks

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My institution provided outcomes are all set to assess based on highest score and I want to use decaying average. I created outcomes at the course level using decaying average, but when I try to align an individual item with my outcome, it only allows me to choose from the institution level outcomes. The institution level outcomes do not appear in the Outcomes tab of my course, only my course level created ones. I can add the course level created outcome to an entire quiz, but then my outcome mastery report doesn't show that the outcome is aligned to anything. I'm wanting to utilize the learning mastery gradebook for moving to standards based grading, but this is a major impediment that I want to find a solution to. Any tips or advice/suggestions are appreciated.

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It sounds like you're trying to do this in New Quizzes, which still has major issues working with Outcomes. As of now (June 2023), New Quizzes can only see institution outcomes, not course outcomes. 

Since they're created at the institution level, they need to be imported into your specific course before they can be used on rubrics or other items. In your Outcomes tab, click on Find and then browse the folders to find your specific items. You can import entire folders or individual Outcomes.

Since you mention standards-based grading specifically, here's how we manage them in our district.

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