Unable to Add Azure Login for Existing User

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Hello all, 

We are trying to set up Azure AD for authentication in Canvas.  I've been reading that in order for us to use it, since it is a new provider, additional logins need to be created for our students and other users.  I'm trying to test out adding a new login for myself but based on how I'm understanding the process, I'm running into a weird error.

When adding a login via the SIS import, I'm getting an error message stating:  "An existing Canvas user with the SIS ID udcid_#### or login of jdoe already exists, skipping."  I'm thinking that this is a weird error message considering the documentation states that I'm only able to add logins for existing users, which I am.  I'm assuming that I have the formatting of my file wrong?  But I'm not sure what else I could be doing incorrectly.  As far as I know I'm entering the correct information into the correct columns on my logins.csv file.

User_ID:  my existing user_id

Login_ID:  my existing login_id

Authentication_Provider_ID:  saml

Existing_User_ID:  same as user_id

Existing_Canvas_User_ID:  22

Root_Account:  our domain without the suffix

Email:  my school email address


Based on the info that I provided, can anyone tell where I may have gone wrong?  Or at least point me in the direction of where I need to go?


Thank you!!

Mike McPhail

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Hello @mmcphail217 


I apologize that you are having difficulty adding an Azure Login for Existing Users. 

The formating for the logins.csv file you are using appears to look correct, according to our guide HERE

The error message that you are getting "An existing Canvas user with the SIS ID udcid_#### or login of jdoe already exists, skipping" usually indicates that a user with the SIS ID or login already exists in your instance and cannot be added to the account you are trying to configure since it is already in use. 

Have you tried to run a provisioning report in your account to see if a user with the SIS ID or login ID is already using, but marked as deleted? You can do this by going to your account settings, clicking on reports, select the option for Provisioning report. Be sure to select "users" and  include deleted objects. 

If you find a user with that same SIS ID, you can run a change_sis_id.csv to update it so that it can be used for your new account. 

It might also be best to have you reach out to support so they can take a look at the CSV you are importing. They can take a look at it and make sure that everything looks good as far as the formatting is concerned. 

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