Unable to get to Course materials on Canvas

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On my Windows 11 laptop, I am unable to access the Course Materials tab on the dashboard. I have tried in both MS Edge (Version 117.0.2045.43) and Chrome (Version 117.0.5938.132). Cache and cookies have been cleared in both browsers as well. I have tried from someone elses computer which is running Windows 10. There are no issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Community Coach

Hi @NoelleGresh ...

Sorry to read that you are experiencing issues getting documents in your course.  Have you brought this to the attention of your instructor?  Maybe your instructor has incorrectly linked documents in your course, and those links need to be fixed?  Also, do you know if other classmates are also having the same problems that you are getting these documents?  If so, then it's almost definitely an issue with the links that your instructor needs to fix.  I'd suggest reaching out to your instructor to let him/her know of the issue so that you can start troubleshooting this.  Unfortunately, we here in the Community don't have access to your courses or your school's Canvas environment, so it would be hard for us to diagnose exactly what the issue may be here.

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Good luck to you!  Keep us posted!

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