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Hi team,

When importing content from archived/concluded courses (or any I assume) which has modules and pages with hard links to quizzes/discussions etc, the new course will retain that hard link, which points back to the original course (the source for the import). 

Has anyone come up with a genius way to manage this? Or is it just a matter of finding all the 'broken' links in the new course and fixing them up?  Some courses could contain dozens of links...

Do Blueprint courses handle this any differently? 



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That has not been my experience.  When I import, the links that are relative to other resources within the course are updated.  Even hard links, as you describe. That is what should happen. 

How are you importing the course?  

I'm also wondering, how are you making these hard links?  Are you using the tools in the rich content editor? or some other means such as typing them in the HTML?

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