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Uploading student assignments

I have students who are uploading assignments and all I see is the work count.  I do not receive their actual document.  This is happening to a lot of my students.  What do I tell the students?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @MargaretMoore ...

A few questions for you:

  • Are students submitting their work to the correct assignment in your course?
  • How are you asking students to submit the assignment to you?  File submission (ex: PDF or Word document)?  Text?  Media (audio/video)?
  • Are you accessing the SpeedGrader for the given assignment to try and view the assignments?  If so, what are you seeing in the SpeedGrader?
  • Where are you seeing the "work count" number?

If you can help answer these questions and provide any other information you think would be helpful in troubleshooting, that would be great.  If you include any screenshots, be sure to blur out any student names/grades to protect student information and follow FERPA guidelines.

Looking forward to hearing back from you...thanks!

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I have asked the students to turn in their assignments by PDF or word. I haven't really had this problem until this week and it appears there are many students who are affected.  I am using speed grader and no assignment appears to be uploaded but I see in the upper part of the  submission area that there is a number by the word count.  The students had 2 separate assignments to upload this week and some of the same students were affected but not all of them were.

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Hello @MargaretMoore ...

Thank you for the additional information.  Might your students be submitting one file and then submitting another file to you as a separate submission?  If so, Canvas always shows you the most recent submission, but you can look at past submissions at any time within the SpeedGrader.  For example, check out the section called "Evaluate Multiple Submissions" within this Guide: How do I view the details of a submission for a st... - Instructure Community (  I'm not sure if this will help or not, but thought it might be something else to check.  Keep us posted here in the Community...thanks!

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Are the students actually uploading their assignments?   This is what I see:

Submitted:no submission time          MISSING
Edit status
Word Count: 879 words


Grade out of 100
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I found the download submissions and the affected students were not listed but they still have a word count which is close to what the other students have for their assignments.

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Hi @MargaretMoore ...

Are you using any third-party tool (such as Google LTI) for students to be submitting work to you?  If so, maybe that has something to do with not finding the submitted work?  This is another thing I just thought of as a possibility.

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Sometimes I do receive Google  options but it usually goes through.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @MargaretMoore 

I was just investigating this behavior for one of our faculty members.  It looks to me like it's an issue with the right panel on Speedgrader not updating all fields--the WC field in particular--when moving from one student to the next.

When viewing the Speedgrader panel for a student with no submission, we noticed that Speedgrader still showed a word count.  However, it matched the word count for the first student displayed in the Speedgrader roster.  So, it seems that Speedgrader was still displaying the word count value for the submission that was shown when we just opened Speedgrader for the assignment.

Our Canvas technician is working to see if that is our problem.  I am waiting to hear from him.

Thank you for the suggestion.


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