Use question banks made in Quiz in New Quizes?

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Is there any way you can use question banks made in Quiz in New Quizes? I have tried to find a solution but cant find anything. 

If this isn't possible. Is there a workaround to solve this that anybody know of? 


/jonas k

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Hi Jonas,

You can't draw directly from quiz test banks when creating a New Quizzes quiz.  The simplest workaround would be to create a quiz and include all the questions from the test bank in it (How do I create a quiz by finding questions in a question bank? ), then migrate that quiz into New Quizzes (How do I migrate a Canvas quiz to New Quizzes? ).

Alternatively, if you wanted to create a New Quizzes item bank from the old quiz test bank, you could create a quiz from it, then export the quiz as a QTI file (How do I export quiz content from a course? ) and import the QTI file into a New Quizzes item bank (How do I import questions from a QTI package into an item bank in New Quizzes? )


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