Use question banks to randomize questions on a single topic

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Hi! I use question banks to randomize the questions given to students on a single topic.  In this way for a quiz I would create 10 question banks so that students do not receive the same question for every item on the quiz. I have been unable to export of copy quizzes set up this way and recently found out why.  According to the instructor guides:  "If you set a question group to randomly select questions from the question bank, the question bank and questions will not be included in quiz exports. A QTI zip file will download the quiz details, but no questions will be included."

Therefore, when I export or copy the quiz and look at where it was imported/ copied I see this error message:  "This question group is set to pick more questions than are available.

Why is this the setting in Canvas?  Is there any work-around?  Please help make using test banks easier.  This is my main defense against cheating for online quizzes.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Jenny,

The reason it works this way is that a question bank is created in the course, separate from the quiz itself, and can be used in multiple quizzes.   The standard QTI quiz export format does not support including question banks along with a quiz.

The only really real workaround I know of is to export the question banks using the steps in this article 

and import them into the new course, then re-add the question bank questions to the quiz, or else to do a full Course Export, then when you import, select both question banks and quiz.


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