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When students have multiple attempts at an assignment we can view 2 versions of their submissions but not more. We recently had a case where students had 3 attempts but in order to see all 3 submissions we had to leave Speedgrader first. There is a dropdown list but this only shows 2 attempts.

If we click on "See all quiz attempts" then we are taken out of the Speedgrader interface which is a real shame.




Is there any way of viewing more than 2 attempts in Speedgrader? 

Another oddity is that when other students submit multiple entries the "See all quiz attempts" message is shown even for students that have only made 1 submission.



One more oddity is that sometimes it works just fine. 🙂





Why does it work sometimes and not others?

We would be very grateful for any help.


Tim Littleton

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That is weird.  I know I've seen more than 2 submissions before and only recently have I ever noticed the "See all quiz submissions" link.  It is a little weird seeing that when there is only 1 submission.  I did some digging and found this on one of the guide pages.

If a quiz includes more than 65 total submissions, individual attempts cannot be viewed in SpeedGrader. To view prior quiz attempts for a specific student, click the See all quiz attempts link.

I think that might explain some of what you are seeing and differences that come in to play when there are fewer than or greater than 65 total submissions.  If you have 25 students and they each have 3 submissions it will cross that threshold.




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