Weighted Grades Issue

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I work as both an instructional designer and as a teacher/trainer.

I'd like to add to this one (and hopefully bump it up in the process)!

This is currently a feature AND a bug:

When I use weighted groups in Assignments, I also use points.

I want to see BOTH percentages AND points. Currently, the only way to do this is to turn off weighting and manually enter points, at which point I see percentages AND points in student view. Why can't I see the points average when I've got weighted calculations turned on? This seems weird... BUT... it gets worse. Read on....

Here's the bug part: 

The percentage averages are NOT the same between the weighted calculations and points calculations. In fact, they are off by about one percentage point. Something is wonky on the back-end there. The percentage averages should be the same, regardless. 

So I see this has been kicked around for a few years over in the forums, but I didn't have time to read through 8 pages of comments. 

Can we get average points on the weighted calculations, too, and not have a discrepancy between the average percentages between the two? 

To give a visual of what I'm talking about, here is a shot of a points-only student view: 

Points-only, no weighted calculationsPoints-only, no weighted calculations

Here's the exact same student, same grades, with weighted calculations turned on: 

Weighted calculations turned onWeighted calculations turned on

As you can see, there's something off somewhere. 



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