What happened to the "Delete this course" button?

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The "Delete this course" button is now missing from course settings and attempting to delete a course via the API results in a 401 "unauthorized" error. The button in settings has been available for years and the API endpoint to delete courses has worked up until recently.

The docs and guides have not been helpful in resolving this issue. All courses are created manually and there is no admin user since this is a Free For Teacher account.

We delete courses when they're canceled and have no students in the roster and I cannot get beyond this issue until this is resolved. I've also checked the roles and permissions PDF and per the Free for teacher account, there is nothing in there that covers the sudden absence in my ability to delete a course and since it's a free account I cannot even change roles and permissions. I also haven't seen anything about this in the Canvas release notes. Am I missing something? Any ideas? 
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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

@heather12  We've now restored the permissions to their original state. Teachers and designers in Free for Teachers accounts can once again delete courses. Thanks for bearing with us, and we apologize for the disruption. 

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