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What is the difference between copy and duplicate?

I've got a repeated assignment.  Students can see their submissions from the previous week.  Does this have to do with how I copied or duplicated the assignment?  What is the difference in the two?

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I would like to know too.  When should we use Duplicate and when should we make a Copy of an Assignment?

I know that Copy To works right, so I will use that, but why can't this question be answered, it's almost a month?

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Good afternoon, @carmencarp and @sigh ...

These two Guides should be of help to you:

Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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I'm not sure the question was properly addressed. I am interested in the answer as well - please check my ideas below:

Pages and Assignments seem to have these options for duplicating:

  • Duplicate - creates a distinct, duplicated item in the same module. It can then be further moved if necessary.
  • Send to - creates a copy for a colleague in your Instructure group.
  • Copy to - creates a copy for YOU, to be used in another course.
  • Share to - creates a copy for members of the Canvas Community

Quizzes seem to be missing the Duplicate option. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it has something to do with "Legacy" quizzes and "New" quizzes - I've read some things discussing such ideas.

The problem I've found with using Copy To for Quizzes in the SAME course is that the duplicated quiz seems to be linked to the original - it doesn't always seem to make a distinctly different copy. Perhaps there is some kind of internal naming or sharing violation "bug" with duplicating quizzes in the same course.

Therefore, I use this workaround for duplicating quizzes in the same course:

  1. Copy to the quiz to a DIFFERENT course.
  2. Go to that other course, immediately unpublish it.
  3. Change the name of the Quiz while in the other course.
  4. Copy to the quiz back to the ORIGINAL course
  5. Remember to delete the duplicate in the other course.


~ Alan G.

As for my five-step "work-around" described up above - I have abandoned that method. I have found that even using that method the duplicated quiz can sometimes remain linked to the original quiz. This harrowing result doesn't happen all the time (which is confounding to me) but when it does, it will steal a good amount of your time if you try to "fix" it.

Creating new quizzes and copying and pasting certain questions seems to be the best shortcut for me.

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@gauthier_alan your explanation is spot on to my understanding (duplicate - for within the course, copy - for using in other courses) and then I use the same work around for copying quizzes since there is currently not that feature.