When I Reply to an Inbox message shouldn't it appear in the Sent items?

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When I Reply to an Inbox message, does the Reply appear in the Sent items?

It seems that it doesn't.  I just replied to a student's message through InBox, but I do not see any record of that reply in the Sent items.

Is this intended behavior?

If so, is there any way to change this behavior? 

I would really like to view all of my sent email in the Sent items, if you see what I mean.


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Okay, I found another thread that has a partial answer to my question.  Read the first paragraph of the following 

Replies sent from a phone? carefully where it says that "instructor replies to student messages are stored on the Student's inbox, rather than the Instructor's sent items. (I know they are "conversations," but this is endlessly confusing to both our faculty and students.)"

So it seems that the answer to my original questions are: Replies are not stored in Sent and this is intended behavior.

I think I will start a request that this be changed.

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