Where can you give feedback for a feature you would like to see?

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I'm a student and would like to see a feature added to Canvas to make it better.  It would be great if there was a review system that would allow me to suggest a feature.  Even better would be a system similar to Reddit where users could up-vote the features they wanted to see the most.

I left a review on the ios app store.  My suggestion was to add a feature where you could subscribe to discussions in multiple ways (only replies [possible through an "@mention system"], only to threads you commented on, or to the whole discussion).

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Thanks for your interest! Our users can search the Idea Conversations forum to find discussions in which to participate; we use a star rating system for ideas and encourage contributions of examples and use cases.

Several conversations related to what you're hoping to see are already underway: 

@ mentions in Discussion forums

Discussion Notification: Activity that involves you

Whenever you'd like to suggest an enhancement, if you don't find an existing conversation, please feel free to start a new one after reading through How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community?

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