Where is document upload for quiz instructions under New Quizzes?

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I created a sample exam in New Quizzes and tried to upload a document as part of the instruction, but I was unable to find the document upload from the rich text editor field. 

Is the feature removed under New Quizzes?



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@Canvas007 -

I misread your question and only after I tried creating both quizzes did I figure out what you were asking.  I see for the question area in Classic quizzes, you can upload a document - which your picture clearly showed.  In new quizzes you are correct that the file upload feature is not present.  I tried the media upload, but it limits you to the various media extensions for upload - even if you make it so that you can select any file, it won't upload a word document.

I was going to suggest you upload the file for instructions into the files are of the course and create a link to it in the instructions.  However, that does not work as showing the instructions embedded.  

I can't help with this matter.  Maybe someone else will have a suggestion.


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