Where is my exported quiz?

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Where does the exported quiz end up? It has been exported from one course, and now I am in the new course, trying to import it, but cannot find it, only older stuff, the most recent from yesterday (Dec 11). Should look somewhere else? The radio button only looks into my computer, but where exactly should I look for it there? Sorry to ask such a silly question, but I have just spent an hour reading the guides without getting an answer to this. 


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Hi  @karin_molander_ ‌
The quiz export is saved as a .ZIP file in the course where there original quiz was located, you will probably need to download it from there and then upload it into the destination course.
In the original course where you did the export, go to the Settings > Export Course Content screen again. You should see a list of exports that have been created, with the most recent one at the top. Your quiz export will be labelled "QTI Export from <date export was created> "
Clicking the export name will allow you to download it to your desktop, and you can browse for it there when you go to the import screen in the other course.

Exports are only available to download for 30 days, after that you will see the old exports listed in the original course but there will no longer be a link to download.

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