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Why are functions available in assignments missing from quizzes?

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Am I correct that quizzes in Canvas have much less functionality than assignments? As far as I can tell, quizzes do not accepts file uploads of more than one image per question, and they do not allow you to use the document viewer to annotate, comment, etc. Why is this? I imagine many, many teachers want to write on exams and quizzes. I'm teaching online for the first time and now I want to go back and rebuild every quiz as an assignment. Or, am I missing something?

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Hi  @leo_spizzirri1 ...

I am not sure that I would say that quizzes have far less functionality than assignments.  They are two very different assignment types in Canvas, and each has it strengths and/or weaknesses.  But each serves a specific purpose in Canvas...so that's good.  The DocViewer is only available for Assignments...not for Quizzes.  Further, DocViewer can only display the file types listed in this document: What types of files can be previewed in Canvas?.

I found a few Feature Ideas (old and current) that may be of interest to you:

This may not be the answer you were hoping for, but I hope the resources I've provided for you have helped in some way to answer your question.  Please let Community members know if you have any additional questions about this.  Be well...stay safe.

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