Why do I get a "too_long" error when posting an announcement?

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When I post a simple one paragraph announcement with two small images, I am getting a "too_long" error message that will not allow me to post my content. How long is "too_long", and how do I get around this error to post what I need for my course? 

Thanks for any help! 

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Hey there,

So I was messing around with it, and I think it has to do with the inclusion of images in the announcement. If I remove the “copy-paste” images, and instead upload images to my “files” then add the image with the insert image button, I no longer get the error.

A couple bits of feedback on that: 1) If it’s an error with the images, the error message (too_long) should be more informative, and 2) If I copy-paste the image in, it should automatically upload to my files (or something). It’s a bit onerous having to upload the image to the files folder (a separate context menu), then go back to my announcement and use the insert function to drop that image into the announcement.



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