Why does a quiz/survey not show on student's To Do LIst?

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I have a quiz (that is a survey and so everyone gets 5 points for completing it) that is due tomorrow and it does not show up in the students TO DO LIST.  Another quiz that gets graded does appear.  Any ideas why?

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Howdy  @ecass ‌,

Thanks for posting your question. Graded quizzes (event ones with possible points of 0) show in the Course Summary, Gradebook, Calendar and To-Do List. However, I believe that practice quizzes do not display in those areas- even if they have a due date.

You can learn more about Practice Quizzes via this page: What quiz types can I create in a course? 

If you are interested in making this a feature, consider adding your use story and voting up this idea: https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/13801-put-everything-with-a-due-date-on-the-calendar-and-sylla... 

Hope this is helpful.

Sky V.

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