Why will new quizzes not show in quiz menu for modules?

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When I create a module and try to add an existing quiz (created in new quizzes), nothing appears in the "quiz"menu.  I can find the new quiz in the "assignments" menu instead.  On the other hand, clicking "Quizzes" in the course navigation tab does show the quiz.  Is this a known issue?

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A New Quiz is an external tool (LTI) assignment so it appears under assignments. The Quiz option in module items is for the Legacy Quizzes. They have updated the Quiz menu to pull both kinds, but they haven't updated the module addition. At one time, they were going to only have new Quizzes show up under Assignments and do away with the Quizzes menu all together when they forced everyone to New Quizzes. That seemed confusing to people who had to live with both, so they fixed it in the one place, but obviously not in the other.

Since they're trying as little as possible to develop for classic quizzes, it was probably an oversight or a decision to just let it go and it will eventually disappear.

The point totals not matching are by design. One of the complaints about legacy quizzes was that your points were determined by the points you assigned to the questions in the quiz. You couldn't have a 100 point exam unless the points added up to 100 points. With New Quizzes, you can. The grade passback is basically the percentage of the possible points obtained within the quiz and then this is scaled to be out of the possible points for the assignment.

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