Why won't my Canvas load correctly?

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When I open my canvas on my laptop my Dashboard just looks like it is continuing to load and I can not open any of my courses. When I go through the courses on the left hand side I can open them, but say the Grades tab will open but have a completely blank page or the Quizzes tab will open and be a blank page. I have tried to log out and refresh yet nothing changes. I can open Canvas on my phone and on others computers, but not mine. I have just tried to start a quiz after opening it through the home page but since the quiz is under the Quiz tab I was unable to start it. Why is this?

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Hi  @bwin234  and welcome to the Canvas community. This sounds like it could be due to the version of the web browser you're using on your laptop. Canvas works with most common web browsers but only the two most recent versions of each browser are fully supported. Display problems, such as what you've experienced, can occur with older versions. I recommend trying a different browser if you have one installed on the laptop, or update the browser you're using to the latest version.
See this page for details of the web browers that are currently recommended for Canvas: Which browsers does Canvas support? 

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