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Good afternoon.  I ask this as part of my SANDBOX training in CANVAS in preparation for a Fall 2020 online roster.  How would I upload brief clips from youtube to ONE DRIVE?  I would want to keep them stored there for download in a given week of a course and then return them to ONE DRIVE.  I think I was told that it is not wise to store such clips in the course shell itself as each course has a 500 mg limit of storage.

Mark Kiley

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Community Coach
Community Coach

@kileym ...

If you are embedding YouTube videos in your course, that is just HTML embed code.  You're not actually downloading the video from YouTube and storing that video in your course taking up course storage space.  So, you can use the embed code from as many YouTube videos as you want in your course, and you don't need to worry about using that 500MB of storage space.

Does this help to answer your question?  Hope to hear back from you soon.