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Hello!  I am reaching out to the Community to share.  For a couple of weeks our students have been having difficulty accessing Zoom through Canvas on Chrome.  This morning we figured it out!  If your students are having this issue, have them go to Settings on the ipad and look for the Chrome app.  In there make sure they have "allow cross- website tracking" enabled.  Then have students go to the Chrome app and click the three dots in the right hand corner and scroll down to settings.  Scroll to content settings and make sure that block pop-ups is disabled.  

In the process of writing this, I had a student call.  I walked him through the steps and it worked for him too!

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Community Coach

Hi there, @jenniferlewis2 ...

By chance, do your students have the official Zoom app installed on their iPads?  If your school has Zoom and Canvas integrated together (and are able to create Zoom meetings inside of your Canvas courses via the integration), then your students can use the Zoom app on their iPads to type in the meeting number (and password, if required), and it will work just fine.  They don't necessarily need to first log in to Canvas in order to access the Zoom meeting.

Thanks for posting this helpful tip, though.  👍

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