icons not showing (history, account, courses icon not showing)

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I am a student and my menu icons not showing, buttons on left side of canvas are missing, they show as blank and won't let me click on them. The account icon is not showing, the courses icon is not showing, the history icon not showing, and dashboard contents not showing. The icons that do show like the inbox icon does not allow me to use the feature. My classes are current and active, Ive deleted cache data, I am on updated Microsoft browse, and I have tried to sign in and out.

what my screen looks like

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Have you tried clearing the cache in the Edge browser? Here's how to do that: How to Clear Your Cache - Microsoft 365

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Hi @JA131 ...

Thanks for sharing that screenshot with us.  That's pretty strange.  In addition to the suggestion from @ericwhitmer, have you tried using another up-to-date browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to see if you get different results?  I also found a page on College of the Canyons website which may be helpful to you:

Online Education (canyons.edu)

If none of these things help to resolve the problem, then you might want to reach out to Canvas Support.

How do I get help with Canvas as a student?

Hope some of this will be helpful to you!  Keep us posted.

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