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moderation page in new quizzes needs some additional functionality

The moderation page in new quizzes is insufficient. I am aware that I can use speedgrader as well, however, this functionality really should be added to the moderation page.

1) When I moderate quizzes I can filter by attempts in progress, submitted, etc. I need an additional filter that only shows me attempts submitted with outstanding questions to score. ALL of my quizzes/test have essay questions which I need to manually score as my student need writing practice and it takes way too long to sort through students finding which ones I have or haven't scored their short answers yet.

2) There is no way to sort students in the moderation page. I should be able to order by last name at a minimum.

3) The new quizzes FAQ states that you can grade question by question in speedgrader but the directions it links to doesn't actually show that. Weirdly enough the google forms/quizzes UI for this actually works better which is not something I normally ever think. there's way too many extra steps for what we are shown. Just put it in the moderate panel and let me "score all question #5s" or whatever.

Finally, the fact that quizzes with an outstanding question needing scored do NOT show up on my To Do on the course home page if built in New Quizzes is a major problem. I need to have an easy way to see when they are submitted! Some of my classes work asynchronously and having to click in to each New Quiz to Build then Moderate or to Grades then SpeedGrader to see who has submitted which quiz is an incredible was of my time compared to seeing a list on the To Do and being able to immediately click to speedgrader from my homepage.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there, @patmillar ...

You seem to have a few different suggestions going on here rather than questions that Community members can help answer.  For your suggestions, you might want to post each of these as separate Feature Ideas here in the Canvas Community so that people have an opportunity to evaluate them ... to see if your suggestions are something that they would also like to see in Canvas.  To start with, I would recommend reviewing the following Guides:

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!