my turnitin is saying all my work is plagiarized when it is not. i dont know what to do

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Hello My Name is Giselle James

I am having a difficult time with my turnitin. Every time I upload my response to post, I always turnitin to make sure my work is not plagiarized. However, since last week Sunday each time I upload my work it says 100% plagiarized when I am certain it is my words and my work. Now today 07-04-2020. I upload my comment to turnitit it says 100% plagiarized, I re upload it says not plagiarized, I re-upload it says plagiarized. I change my wording 10 times it continue to say plagiarized then no similarity. I am beyond confused. I have my assignments coming up and I cant have this issue. thinking my work is plagiarized and its not to changing it up and it says no similarity to upload and it says it is OK then turnitit and possibly getting penalized. I also type in something that has nothing to do with my work and it continue to say plagiarized, I wanted to know if there was an error in my computer or something please help.

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Community Coach

Good evening,  @gizzleface123 ...

One possible reason you may be seeing a similarity score of 100% when you submit your paper through Turnitin is because your instructor may have chosen to tell Turnitin to add the paper to the Turnitin database.  If you then re-submit the paper to the same assignment using Turnitin, it may actually be comparing the paper to itself...thereby giving you a 100% plagiarized score.  You may just need to talk with your instructor one-on-one to see if these kinds of settings were configured for the assignment.  If you know the paper was your own original work, then you would want to also communicate that with your instructor.

I hope this helps, Giselle.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care...stay well.

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