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I am an Observer and I constantly get "Assignment Created" notifications.  I would like to change this to a Daily Summary, but I can't find a category for this.  It seems like it should be under "Course Activities," but the only subcategories I have available are:  Due Date, Grading Policies, Course Content, Files, Announcement, Announcement Created by You, Grading, Invitation, All Submissions, Late Grading, Submission Comment, and Blueprint Sync.

At this point I have turned ALL of the notifications for my account to Daily Summary, Weekly Summary, or Off.  But I still get "Assignment Created" notifications for every assignment, up to a dozen a day.

How do I stop these?  

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @whit77aker -

You're right. This shouldn't be as hidden as it appears to be. I encourage you to submit a ticket and work with your district to have this looked at. You shouldn't receive those immediate updates with your current opt-ins selected. (Once you get this fixed though, I encourage you to move Announcements back to immediately.) 🙂

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