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I have added a co-instructor to my course and wish to remove myself as an instructor - she is willing to be the sole instructor. I don't see any guidance about this.

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@jeharlan -

The easiest way to do it is to contact your Canvas administrators and have them do it.

The way to do this is to make them a teacher in the course - go to the people page and change their role by clicking on the ellipses on the right.

Have them immediately login and then go to your name in the course and at the bottom of the list of options is remove user - they can then do that to remove you from the course. you can try this and see what happens. If it does not work, go to my easy solution.

My institution has made it so that only one teacher is possible, although I made my dummy students a teacher (they may not be caught through the normal means) and they have also made it so that you cannot remove yourself from the course (which I did one time)


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