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If I give a timed one-hour quiz at 1 pm and set the available until time at 2:30, will students who start at 1 pm and time out still be able to view the quiz between 2:00 and 2:30?

Asking because I have a bunch of students who need extended time on the quiz.  For their sakes I have to make the Available Until time pretty generous.  

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Hi  @carol_rogers ‌, it sounds like you are needing to use the Moderate Quiz feature instead of Available Until. Here's the difference:

  • If you set up your quiz with a time limit, let's say of 50 minutes, your students can click on and take your quiz anytime in the window between the "Available From" and "Available Until" times. So if your quiz is available from 1-2:30, I can come in and start it at 1:45 for example.
  • If you are wanting to give students extra time for accomodations, you should use the Moderate Quiz feature. It's really nice—you just select the students who need extra time and put in how many extra minutes they get. (So if they get time-and-a-half on a 50 minute quiz, you would enter in 25 extra minutes. I've seen some faculty assume that field is the total time (e.g. 75) and give their students way more time than they intended.) 

I hope this helps!

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