where can access Movies for class URGENT

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where can I access the film "babies" 

I need to analyze it for my class ASAP and ive tried looking for it to no avail

please send the link immediately 

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Hi  @tsorsche  and welcome to the Canvas Community. You've actually posted your question to a worldwide community where users from different institutions discuss their experiences of using Canvas. This means community members don't have access to Canvas courses from individual schools and colleges, so we can't advise on exactly where in Canvas you will find the content you're looking for. It depends on how the teacher has decided to organise the course so you should ask the teacher or the Canvas support people at your college. You can contact the teacher through Canvas - click the "Help" button on the left menu and you should see a link to "Ask your instructor a question" which lets you send the teacher a message. Good luck in finding your film!

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