where is Turnitin at on canvas

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I cannot see where to put my paper into Turnitin on canvas can someone help me please?


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@JasmineSampson ...

Turnitin is a third-party add-on that can be integrated with Canvas.  Not all schools have the Turnitin integration, however.  That being said, if your instructor has indicated that you should submit via Turnitin, then hopefully you would see the Turnitin interface directly within the assignment you need to submit to your instructor.  However, there is always the chance that your instructor did not set up the assignment correctly so that it uses the Turnitin integration.  Since we here in the Canvas Community do not have access to any of your courses, it's not going to be easy for us to help you locate exactly where to go in your course.  You should reach out to your instructor to ask him/her more about what you need to do to submit the assignment using Turnitin.  You can contact your instructor by following the steps in this Guide:

How do I get help with Canvas as a student?

Good luck to you!

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