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Community Team

Canvas Release: Analytics Beta - Course Grade (2018-10-27)

This document introduces the Analytics Beta LTI as previously noted in the Canvas Release Notes (2018-10-27).

If you'd like to download a PDF of this document, please open Canvas Release: Analytics Beta (Course Grade) - PDF Supported and download a PDF from that document.

Analytics Beta is an LTI tool that provides improved analytics for tracking student data using an interactive chart or table. Analytics Beta will eventually replace current course and account analytics. However, Analytics Beta and the current course Analytics functionality can be used concurrently.


This feature allows admin, instructor, TA, and designer roles to view improved analytics functionality and provide functional feedback for additional analytics development.



Feature Setup

Release Schedule

Beta Environment: 

  • As of October 8, the Analytics Beta LTI has been added to all beta environments. However, Canvas engineers must re-enable the LTI for all beta accounts each Monday after the beta environment refresh, which may take a few hours to complete. After the LTI is enabled in the production environment, the LTI will copy to the beta environment on its own, and the manual process will no longer be required.


Production Environment:

  • The LTI will be available in Canvas production environments on Monday, October 29.


Admins who do not want this tool enabled for their institution in a specific environment can uninstall the LTI tool in the Account Settings Apps tab.


Course Setup

External Apps

Analytics Beta is added as an LTI tool at the account level. Unless manually removed by a Canvas admin, this tool is available in all Canvas courses.


External Apps view with Analytics Beta LTI installed


Existing Course Analytics

Analytics Beta is designed as a Course Navigation link that is only visible to admins, instructors, TAs, and designers. By default, Analytics Beta is disabled within each course. To view Analytics Beta, the Analytics Beta navigation link must be enabled in the Navigation page in Course Settings. Making the link visible in the course does not display the link to students or observers.


Analytics Beta can be used concurrently with the existing Course Analytics tool, which contains all Analytics functionality. Analytics Beta LTI is retroactive and displays all existing course information.


Analytics Beta and View Course Analytics button comparisons


Course Grade Analytics

Course Grade is the first feature available within Analytics Beta. Course Grade allows instructors to view the average course grade for all course data using an interactive chart or table. Additionally, instructors can filter analytics results to compare the average course grade with a specific section, student, or assignment.


Data Status

For reporting accuracy, the page displays the last time analytics data was last updated. The analytics tool is updated every 24 hours.


Note: If the course has been concluded, the analytics page includes a Concluded label above the Data Last Updated date.


Course Grade Data Last Updated Time Stamp


Tab Filters

The analytics page is dynamic based on filtered content. By default, all results display the course average. Three total filters can be applied at one time.


Filtered data is displayed as a chart with three tabs: total students, students with missing submissions, and students with late submissions. The average grade percentage for all students is also displayed, which is not affected by any filter.


Graph Chart with average grade display


Assignment Type Filters

By default, analytics selects all assignment types to display within the page. Each assignment in the chart displays the appropriate icon for each visible assignment type. Additional assignments can be viewed by clicking the arrow below the graph.


Filter by assignment type with all options


Assignment types can be hidden within the graph as an additional filter by removing the checkbox next to the appropriate type. The chart dynamically updates the results based on the assignment type selected or removed in the filter.


Note: At least one assignment type is required at all times.


Filter by assignment types with only quizzes selected


Card Data Details

Detail can be viewed for any data graph point or data table percentage by clicking the data point or percentage. Detail metrics can be viewed for the assignment and display in a summary card.


In an assignment comparison, details provide additional metrics for the full assignment name, assigned sections, due date and time, the average grade for the assignment, low and high grades by percentage, number of missing and late submissions, and grade distribution for this assignment. Users can also send a message to all students who are within a specific score range or who have missing or late assignments.


Card assignment data


Comparison Filters

Instructors can filter analytics results to compare the average course grade with a specific section, student, or assignment. Detail metrics can be viewed for an assignment, student, or section and display in a summary card.


Add filter by section, student, or assignment


When additional filters are added, the additional filters display as different colors. The Chart Options menu also allows a user to view each filter as a shape for additional contrast.


Graph with filters and diplay shapes option enabled


Section Card Details

In an assignment comparison with a section, details provide additional metrics for the section name, assignment name, assignment due date, average grade for the assignment, low and high grades by percentage, and number of missing and late submissions. The percentage bar includes a tooltip that displays the number of students who achieved the average grade. Users can also send a message to any students with missing and late submissions directly from the section metrics card.


Chart section data


Student Card Details

In an assignment comparison with a student, details provide additional metrics for the student’s full name, last access date, overall course grade percentage, assignment name and due date, the student’s grade for the assignment, and the status of the assignment and submission date. Users can also send a message directly from the student metrics card.


Chart student data


Data Table

Data can also be viewed as a data table by percentage instead of a chart by clicking the Data Table option within the Chart Options menu. Shapes can also be used within the data table, although they only display next to the filter names along the Y axis.


Detail can be viewed for any data point by clicking the percentage link.


View data by table and percentage


Student Table

The Student table displays below the chart or data table, which displays all students within a specific filter.


For each student, the table displays the student's name, overall course grade, the overall percentage that the student has submitted assignments on time, the student's last interaction time, and the student's last activity time.


Student table in Analytics Beta


The student table is ordered alphabetically by last name. Any column can be sorted by clicking the column header. An arrow next to the header names indicates which column is sorting the content.


By default, the table displays five students at a time. You can manage the pagination within the page by clicking the preferred number of students to display within an individual page. To view additional pages, click a page number below the table or the Next Page arrow, if available.


Message Students Who

Messages can be sent to students whose grades or submissions are within specific criteria. All students can be messaged at one time, and selection criteria will be applied to students performance on all assignments. The student selection is based on student scores and submission status.


Message Students Who about range, missing, or late assignments


Individual students can also be messaged directly from any student comparison card. When comparing a section, students with late or missing submissions in the section can be messaged directly from the section comparison card.


Table CSV Export

Analytics Beta allows data to be exported as a CSV file. CSV data is exported according to the filtered data in the chart or data table.


CSV files display a student's full name, sortable name, Canvas user ID, SIS user ID or email (if applicable), overall course grade, the percent that assignments have been on time, the last page view time, the last participation time, and the last time the student logged out.


Export Table CSV options


Community Resources

Future Enhancements

This document outlines existing functionality included in the initial release of this feature: analytics for average student grade.


Analytics Beta will continue to receive additional feature enhancements over future releases as indicated in Release Notes. Please follow the release notes for future functionality updates, which will be indicated by the analytics2new tag.


Customer Feedback

Community feedback for Analytics Beta can be added in the User Group: Analytics Beta. In the home page sidebar, click the Submit Feedback button and complete the page with comments or questions.

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32 Replies
Learner II

This is a great first step. I attended the Analytics session at InstructureCon and was happy to see this was a direction Instructure is going down. I can't wait until Oct 8th and future releases. 

Adventurer III

"Analytics Beta is designed as a Course Navigation link that is only visible to non-student roles." Does this mean it will be visible to parent observers?

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, Audra,

No, it is not displayed to observer roles. The observer role is based on a student role. It is available to instructors, TAs, designers, and admins.




Are there definitions for 

  • last interaction time
  • last activity time
  • last page view time
  • last participation time


If faculty are going to use this this information it's helpful to understand how each is defined.




Hi Melissa, we've implemented tool tips to provide users the definition of things. Tools tips are accessed by hovering over something with your cursor (or focusing on for keyboard navigators). We think this is a handier place to keep definitions than functional documentation (although it's there too :-).

Let us know if this accomplishes what you are looking for.

Here are some samples of tool tips in Analytics BETA:

tool tip to provide definitions



Is Analytics Beta still being rolled out to beta instances?  I don't see it on .

0 Kudos
Surveyor II

I also don’t see it at

0 Kudos

The installation into all beta instances is happening today. Sorry, if we incorrectly set the expectation that it would be completed and ready to use this morning. You should have it by evening East coast time, afternoon West coast time.


Thank you Chris!

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