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Community Team

Releases Q&A: 2021-09-29 Microsoft Immersive Reader Feature Preview Adjustments

Looking to discuss this feature from the 2021-09-29 Deploy Notes? Post a reply and start a conversation!

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Currently we have Immersive Reader enabled at the account level but turned off in a few sub-accounts (i.e. Foreign Languages and our English Language Institute) because of the Reading Preferences feature. This feature would enable students learning things in other languages to use the Immersive Reader improperly to get translations, etc.  But with this new change now we cannot control that. Technically, we cannot do anything in a sub-account which would let us control the use of Immersive Reader. Either it is turned on for all automatically, or if not enabled at the account level, each and every user has the ability to turn it on. This makes for more confusion and questions about Immersive Reader and our users. And now after carefully checking with these departments, we have to go back and basically tell them there is nothing I can do to prevent students in their Canvas courses from enabling Immersive Reader and possibly using it inappropriately. I know it is possible to use these translation features in certain browsers like Edge, etc. But in Canvas it is right in front of them.

Also, why if you are doing this wouldn't you just include it with what is being planned in October when you add features like it can be used with the Syllabus, etc. It is like every two weeks something is changing. At least I could give bad news with some good news.

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I understand your concerns around where the Immersive Reader functionality is available, which is why when extending it to additional parts of Canvas we explicitly left it out of assessments while we do further Discovery. At the same time, automatic translation is built into Chrome, Safari, and Edge (and possibly others) which means using those browser features (which cannot be disabled) is actually fewer clicks than using the Immersive Reader to translate content. We did our best to consider issues like these before making this change, but of course if we missed something please let us know! I'm happy to discuss further if you have any additional feedback about the Immersive Reader.

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If we enable Immersive Reader at root account level, why does it still show up as an option for users to manage it themselves in a users account settings? If it is 'forced on' at root account, then as a user, I cannot turn it off, correct? But in my account settings, I am able to 'disable it'. But disabling it has no effect. So why does it show as manageable? I understand that there is a message underneath it with this 'waiver'. But would it not make more sense to show it as locked to on, or something similar? 

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The account level flag will be updated to an account setting to mirror other "override" workflows in a future release.

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