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Releases Q&A: 2021-11-20 Settings (Tab URL Links)

Looking to discuss this feature from the 2021-11-20 Release Notes? Post a reply and start a conversation!

  • This topic is for feature discussion only—please share use cases, best practices, etc. regarding this feature
  • Please thread replies as much as possible to keep posts organized


  • Idea enhancement feedback to product managers should be submitted in (though linking to the idea here so others can find it is welcome)
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Bit of feedback. The more visual people on my team noticed that it is not consistently sticky. If I click on navigation for example, it will open that tab and I'll be in the middle of the page, and then need to scroll up. Same for Course details. Preference is for the tab menu to be visible when I first click on a tab. Let me know if that doesn't make sense. 

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I noticed that same behavior yesterday while on a call with our CSM (she confirmed the behavior on her side too).  While minor, it's very annoying to click on any of the tabs and have the page jump down below the tabs.  I hope Instructure can find a way to fix that behavior before this goes in to production.


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Instructure Alumni

Our product manager noted that we are not overriding any browser defaults to manage the scrollbars. If we hear that behavior is consistently acting negatively in certain ways, we can discuss overriding them.



The feature is not overriding browser behaviour but its still not a great user experience. As a user, I would expect tabs to only swap the content of the page out where the tabs are. But in this case it also moves the viewport to the node where the ID is, which is jarring. 
It would be better if the tabs used /example instead of #example which is possible even in a single page user interface using the javascript history API.
Is this accepted as not an ideal or intended user experience?

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When I change something on the Navigation tab and click Save, I don't remain in the Navigation tab. Instead, the Course details tab is showing. Doesn't saving the page count as a refresh?

The strange thing is that after clicking Save on the production environment, I do remain on the Navigation tab (which is desirable).

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