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Releases Q&A: 2022-01-15 New Quizzes Matching Questions Partial Credit

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Instructure Alumni

Looking to discuss this feature from the 2022-01-15 Release Notes? Post a reply and start a conversation!

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But what about Multiple Answer, Ordering, and some of the other categories?  Other LMS systems have had this feature in place for ages to help teachers.  This is a step in the right directions and should not be difficult to add it to the other categories to help teachers. 

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This is great to see partial credit returning for matching questions. However, when testing now making a new New Quiz, it wasn't defaulted to partial. I needed to still select it from exact match. Thanks for looking into this but great return of this feature! Thanks! 

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I am seeing the same thing in my test accounts.  Default is Exact match, even on subsequent Matching questions after the setting had been changed on the first one.

Also, the Canvas Release Notes show the two options in reverse order from what we see in our instance.

Canvas Matching.png

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Please work on fixing other issues with partial credit being unavailable. We need partial credit to be given for the "sort" activity, as well!

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Partial credit for a problem should be the only "penalty" a student receives.  There should not be a penalty for what you don't know attached to what you do know.  

For example,  A problem has 5 answer choices of which 3 are correct and the point value for that problem is set to 3.  Each correct answer should be awarded 1 point. 

This solution should be so easy that it could be a fast update to the program.  Penalties AND partial credit is not fair to the student