Account and Sub-Account Role Comparison

This document discusses the differences between root account and sub-account admin roles.

This document discusses the differences between root account and sub-account admin roles. Root account admins can set account level permissions and settings for an account which then flow down to sub-accounts. Sub-account admins can only manage settings and permissions for their sub-account(s). This document compares viewable content as well as manageable permissions and settings for root account and sub-account admin roles. 

View the Account Permissions resource document. 


Account Navigation Links 

Only root account admins can access the following Account Navigation links: 

  • Authentication
  • Developer Keys
  • SIS Imports
  • Terms



Sub-account admins cannot be assigned the following permissions: The following permissions cannot be applied to sub-accounts:

  • Catalog - manage
  • Developer Keys - manage 
  • Notifications - view (Admin Tools)
  • SIS Data - import 
  • SIS Data - manage
  • Users - act as
  • Users - manage login details 



Only root account admins can manage the following account settings: 

  • Settings Tab:
    • Account Settings
      • Default Time Zone
      • Allow Self-Enrollment
      • Login label 
      • Trusted HTTP Referrers
      • Don't let teachers rename their courses
      • Students can opt-in to receiving scores in email notifications
      • Restrict students from viewing quiz questions after course end date
    • Canvas Cloud Information
    • Features
      • Open Registration
    • Features (cont.)
      • Users can edit their name
      • Users can delete their institution-assigned email address
      • Show the email address of sender for user interaction notifications
    • Help Menu Options 
    • Enabled Web Services
    • Who Can Create New Courses
  • Quotas Tab:
    • User quota
  • Notifications Tab
  • Feature Previews Tab:
    • Account level features


Last update: 2021-07-21

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