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I have been using my portfolio to submit several documents that I made and I have already uploaded several documents.
My tutor also gave me feedback, but I can't open it (not even, with the link in my inbox).
First my internship supervisor could also open my portfolio, but he cannot open it anymore, the site then gives an error message. My tutor can still open my portfolio, though. I don't know what to do, could someone help me please. I need to have things assessed through this channel to get my internship approved.

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Hello @SESHeijkoop 

I am sorry you are having trouble with your portfolio. 

Do you know if you have the privacy settings for your Portfolio set to public

All ePortfolios are, by default, private. This means that only you can see the contents of the portfolio. However you can share a link with your internship supervisor if you want. HERE is a guide that goes over those details. 

As far as the feedback that has been shared with you, it might be best to contact canvas support and have them take a look as the link that has been shared with you. There could be a few things impacting your ability to look at that.

HERE are the ePortfolio guides for students in Canvas. 

If you are seeing this in Portfolium, let us know! HERE are the guides on that specific platform. This one goes over the privacy settings. 


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