Is 'Canvas student eportfolios' the same thing / another name for Portfolium?

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Is 'Canvas student eportfolios' the same thing / another name for Portfolium?

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Community Coach

@PennyJW ...

Canvas ePortfolios and Portfolium are absolutely different things...and their interfaces are significantly different.  Here are some Guides on ePortfolios:

Here are a bunch of Guides on Portfolium:

Canvas Student ePortfolios - Instructure Community (

(I know the Guides here say ePortfolios as well, but this is the Portfolium interface.)

I hope this helps a bit.


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Community Team
Community Team

@PennyJW Hi Penny!

Sorry about the confusion with the names of things (and I agree it is a bit confusing right now). Portfolium was recently rebranded/renamed and broken into two different features that now live under the Canvas family of products (that's a firehose of product branding mumbo jumbo, so don't worry, I'll try to explain better).

We have the feature within Canvas LMS that's called ePortfolios that's been around for a long time.

If you're looking for Portfolium guides, you can find them at the links @Chris_Hofer provided. And as I said, it's been renamed and separated into two distinct features, Canvas Student Pathways and Canvas Student ePortfolios.

You can find all of those guides here: although we're still working on renaming everything as this was a recent rename/rebrand.

I hope that helps clear things up. If not, I'm happy to try to help explain it further.

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