Can an embedded video have comments turned off and insights turned on?

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When embedding a video from Canvas Studio, there is a toggle to turn on/off "Media Tabs." Has this become an all-or-nothing selection? For example, is it possible to turn on insights but disable comments? If comments are disabled, do the analytics stop tracking that instance of the embedded video, or are they tracked and still viewable in Studio? Thank you.

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Good evening, @AnishBhatia ...

When you embed a Studio video from your Canvas Studio library into a content page of your course, you'll still be able to view the "Insights" data for your video even if you keep the comment ability turned off.  To test this, I added a YouTube video to my own Studio library.  Then, I embedded that video onto a content page of my sandbox course.  I left the "Display Media Tabs" toggle switch turned off.  Once I saved my content page, I masqueraded as a student using one of our dummy student accounts, and then I watched parts of the video.  I then exited from the dummy student role and returned to my own Canvas admin role.  I went to my own Studio library, and I was able to view the "Insights" data.  Note that you may have to select the name of your course from the drop-down list that appears above the tabs for "Details", "Comments", "Insights", and "Captions" ... as I've done here.  My course name is "Pandora's (Sand) Box".  I hope this will help a bit!

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