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I am having problems with Zoom Integration in Canvas Studio. Users are unable to secure authorization from Zoom. It has worked in the past, but has stopped working now. Regretfully, I do not know an actual date for when it stopped functioning.

I have followed the instructions for setting up a Zoom application for sending cloud recordings to Canvas Studio found at

My Redirect URL for OAuth is set to

My Allow List is set to

My Event Notification Endpoint URL is set to

I follow the directions to authorize Zoom as per the instructions at

Everything works fine until I press the "Authorize" button in the second-to-last section (just before the "View Authorized Zoom Integration" heading on the above-named page.

Instead of seeing the successful Zoom integration, I get an error in Canvas Studio that says "Error processing Zoom authorization. Sorry about that. We've notified our engineers." All of my users are experiencing this error.

I have deleted and rebuilt the Zoom app and reset the Zoom connection in Studio and am still receiving the same error.

Zoom shows that the users have authenticated, but it seems that something is going wrong when the authorization is being passed back to Canvas Studio. The error is that either Zoom is not passing the correct information or Canvas is not processing what it is receiving correctly. Any suggestions on where to look at next?

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Hello @eric_evans1 ,


Thanks for reaching out to us in the community! I am sorry to hear that your Zoom - Studio integration is not currently working for your Canvas users. Thank you for providing so much detail on this situation. Based on the error message you mentioned above, "Error processing Zoom authorization. Sorry about that. We've notified our engineers." , this would definitely be best addressed through our Canvas Support Team, and will likely need to be reviewed by our next-level team in order to determine where the error message is originating from. They have a few more tools and further access that could provide more insights on this type of error message.


I wish you the best with this situation! Please let us know if you have any questions!!

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