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Can I eliminate the Comments box entirely from underneath the video if I don't intend to use comments. Togglng it off didn't seem to eliminate the box...don mckenna

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When you embed the video, uncheck the box to display media tabs. It's not intuitive what a "media tab" is, but it may include details, comments, captions, and insights. Unfortunately, it's more difficult to get the insights if you turn off the media tab. More information is available in the Canvas Studio Guide on embedding media

If you have already embedded the video, then there are two ways that I know of to turn off the comments.

The first way is to delete the video and re-embed it, this time unchecking the display media tabs checkbox.

The second way is to switch to the HTML view and find the code for the embed. Look for custom_arc_launch_type%3Dembed and change the embed to bare_embed. Then save the page.

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