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Our site just ordered a bunch of these 360-degree meeting cameras from for virtual classroom meetings. I'm wondering if these cameras could integrate with Canvas Studio and incorporate it's functions?? 

Check out their website:

(Yes, the camera looks like an owl!)



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Community Coach

Hello there, @gcriddle ...

We have some of these same cameras on our campus, too.  I guess my question for you is, what do you envision trying to use this product with Canvas Studio?  Per the website you shared, these cameras are used for things like:

  • Support student engagement and participation during hybrid or remote classes
  • Facilitate hybrid learning to connect students who aren’t in the classroom
  • Hold hybrid meetings with teachers and administrators across distributed office or campus locations

This isn't really the functionality of Studio.  Studio allows you to bring in YouTube videos and also videos that you've created yourself to your Studio library.  Then, you can embed those videos from your Studio library into Canvas courses where you can then have discussions about those videos (if you want) or even get insights on those videos to see if your students are watching them or not.  Studio is not a tool to hold remote "live" meetings with students (similar to having a Zoom meeting or a Microsoft Teams online meeting).

I hope this information will be of some help to you.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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