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Just wondering if Canvas had a report function within Canvas Studio that shows me which courses have videos stored in them?



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Good morning, @allison88 ...

I'm not aware of any report that you can download which would show this kind of data about Canvas Studio media that is used in courses.  As a Studio admin, you can go to the "Analytics" screen within Studio, and there is a chart there that tells you the number of media used in courses, but it doesn't tell you which courses that media is being used in.  See the "View Account Summary" section in this Guide: How do I view Studio Analytics media usage data fo... - Instructure Community (

As a Canvas admin when I built courses for our faculty, I would use the tagging feature for Studio Videos to include the six-digit course number.  So, for example, if our Computer Literacy-MS Office course had YouTube videos for the course, I would tag those videos in Studio with "103-159" (without the quotes).  How do I edit details and tags for Canvas Studio m... - Instructure Community (  This made searching for those videos easier...since I had a rather large library of videos in my account.  See "View Studio Navigation Toolbar" in this Guide:  How do I use Canvas Studio? - Instructure Community (

Hope this will help a bit.  Sing out if you have any other questions...thanks!

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