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Problem statement:

I'm not sure this is the right forum for this. I encourage students to use the comments on Studio videos to respond as they might in class with questions or thoughts elicited by the material. The last few days though, I've received only a "Media not found" page when I try to follow the link. I believe this was one of the features that drove me to abandon Safari a year ago, where it never worked. The issues seems to have spread to Chrome now. I went (the long inconvenient way) to the video where the comments are, and the comments are actually there -- not deleted by the students or anything.

Proposed solution:

Restore the functionality of the link, sent via email, to Studio videos that uses have "subscribed to comment" for.

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I thought I commented on this shortly after I created the post. I resolved the issue. I have two Canvas accounts, one as an instructor and one as a student. Though I was signed into the correct course, Studio operates somewhat independently and had me signed into the wrong course. Once I had signed out of Studio, I was able to access the comments.  

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