When i upload a video and an assignment it doesn't let me turn both in.

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I uploaded my video and assignment  but when i went to submissions and the only thing that showed was the video not the assignment.

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Hi Jaycob, 

Unfortunately, when you're uploading to an assignment, you are not able to choose two different submission types at once, such as file upload and text entry, and when you click "submit assignment", whichever one you have actively selected is going to be the one that you are uploading. You may have to double check with your professor if you're having issues re-submitting, as some professors restrict you to just one attempt.

If you need to submit both text, and a video in a single submission, you'll want to use Text entry and embed a video into the text prompt, like shown in this guide. That way you can have both your video and assignment on the same submission type. 

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