Which motor is behind the caption tool in Studio

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Wondering if it is at adaptive and learning, e.g. Norwegian dialects?

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Hello @b_s_torset 

I'm not sure which motor is behind Studio Captions but I did find a few resources that may be of use to you. Studio  Captions does support  Norwegian and it appears that it at one point could auto generate Bokmål and Nynorsk but it may not have both of those options anymore:

Solved: Missing languages in Canvas Studio - Instructure Community  

There is also a release notes in that thread that mentions the languages and how to upload your own custom language to Studio. If you aren't seeing the dialect you need or it simply isn't translating accurately enough for you, you can upload your own custom captions which you may need in this instance:

How do I use the Canvas Studio Caption Request Too... - Instructure Community  

Hopefully this helps! 

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