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Studio Release Notes (2022-03-28)

Studio Release Notes (2022-03-28)

In this Studio release (March 28), media-level analytics are expanded with new insights and export capability. 

Studio release notes indicate features and updates that are currently available in the Studio beta environment. These updates will be available in production environments on the date indicated by the release notes.

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 New Features


Studio Media Insights

Media-level analytics are expanded with new insights and export capability. These changes provide instructors with a holistic view of how students watch/engage with course videos and how it correlates to their student success. 




Instructors can view an aggregated data view, allowing them to see engagement per video for many students at a time. 




The Download CSV button allows instructors to download their viewership data in a CSV format, including viewers’ roles and email addresses.



Usage metrics are broken down by Views, Time Viewed, and Unique Viewers. 

The Views metric describes how many times viewers have interacted with a video.

The Time Viewed metric calculates the total time that viewers spent watching a video.

The Unique Viewers metric displays the number of students who watched a video.




The Number of Plays chart reflects whether parts of the media were watched multiple times or skipped. 




Completion rate data is broken down at the viewer level. The viewer list can be sorted by completion rate and name.

Change Log


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